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Tiffany Parish, BFA, Certified Instructor
Tiffany Parish, BFA, Certified Pilates Instructor
Certified as a Pilates instructor since 2000, Tiffany Parish brings a lifetime of dance to her unique and personalized training method.  Dancing since age five and first teaching at age thirteen, she has an extensive background in ballet, pointe, jazz, tap, modern, yoga and aerial arts.  Tiffany began studying Pilates in 1991 while completing her B.F.A. in choreography and dance at California Institute of the Arts.  She also studied abroad at London Contemporary Dance School.  While still dancing — performing throughout the U.S. and internationally Tiffany continued her studies in classic Pilates, as well as, specialized areas of instruction including rehabilitation, pre/post natal, and athletic conditioning.  She completed her certification under renowned instructor Ellie Herman and furthered her mastery under leading teachers Jillian Hessel, Jennifer Stacey, and the late Ron Fletcher.
Always current with the latest techniques and findings in Pilates and fitness, Tiffany regularly introduces new challenges while maintaining her strong foundation.  With a lifelong passion for teaching, Tiffany celebrates each client's unique positive qualities.  Her personalized sessions impart a deeper understanding of one's body and how it functions.  This diligence not only inspires confidence and well-being, but ignites the beauty within.  Your mind has a backdoor; open it, go play outside...
San Francisco CA 94103
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